8:00pm - 7:00am


Sandy Leong

27 Nov 2015 - 28 Mar 2016

1. 請介紹一下你自己?



2. 你在油街過了一晚期間做了甚麼?

完整地閱讀《傘沿-雨傘運動訪問錄》at Oi!






或者,當我在閱讀這本書的同時,也就是在回應這個項目。於是,我在有提及「公共空間」或「空間」的版面貼上標記,寫上時間和地點。凌晨三時,有點疲累需躺在椅子上,我才發覺,深夜的馬路原來沒有一分鐘是停下來的,不同重量與型號的汽車壓過地面,每分鐘都是嘈吵的,在安靜的展場外城市沒有休息過,睡袋的暖氣使我想起去年曾到雨傘運動的現場,地上舖着的暖毯,也讓想起小時候睡不着時盯望契婆家的窗戶。所以,後來接續閱讀時,我把「馬路」、 「房間」、「城市」都劃起來,直至封底的「界線」。




3. 你想觀眾怎樣參與?



1. Please introduce yourself.

Born in Macau. Studied in Beijing and Hong Kong. Visit Hong Kong from time to time, e.g. Jan 16 night, 2016.


2. What did you do during your overnight stay at Oi!?

Finished reading a book about Umbrella Revolution at Oi!.


Before I came, I was looking for a book to bring along with me as I packed up for my trip to Hong Kong. Without any hesitation, I decided that I should bring this book on Umbrella Revolution. It was a gift for buying Fleurs des lettres. I hadn't finished it, and decided it's a good idea to bring it along.


On Jan 16 night, I arrived before 8pm. But it kept raining. The gate closed and the security guard kindly asked if I wanted the artwork lights on again. I just felt that it's the normal state after the exhibition venue is closed. What if we just follow the original closing procedures. I walked around   a few times outdoors without a clear inspiration. The rain becomes bigger and I returned to the baby changing room, flipping through the only book I had. When I came across an interview with Wenyau on public space, I just realized that: Isn't that the kind of awkward situation I'm in? Staying in a public space legitimately for a night. Outside is the hustle of a road. Inside is part of the exhibition venue.


Maybe as I read the book, I was responding to this project too. I put sticky notes on the pages about "public space" or "space" and wrote down the time and place. Soon it was 3am and I felt a bit tired, lying down on the couch. There I just realized that there is not a single minute of silence on the road outside at night. Different models of vehicles with different masses rolled over the asphalt. Every minute is noisy. The city doesn't rest just outside the exhibition venue. The warm air inside the sleeping bag reminds me of what I experienced at Umbrella Revolution last year: sleepover on blanket on the ground. It also reminded me of my younger days when I lost sleep and stared out of grandma's window. Later, as I continued reading, I began to highlight keywords like "road", "room", "city", all the way until "boundary" on the back cover.


I can't agree with all the interviews inside the book. But that was the most suitable book for tonight.


3. How can visitors participate?

To remember from time to time the documentations and discussions on public space in this city. Or just read some relevant books, including this. Find your own keywords.