8:15pm - 7:02am


Jennifer Anne Eagleton

27 Nov 2015 - 28 Mar 2016

1. 請介你紹一下自己?

I am an Austrialian; no longer a “foreigner” (hate that term!).... arrvied in HK just after its birth as an SAR. I am a HK “teenager”, and had my 18th anniversary of living in HK late last year.


2. 你在油街過了一晚期間做了甚麼?

Staying overnight at the beginning of February was a “stream of consciousness” experience; as I walked around the site, various objects, structures and nature “spoke” to me about my time in Hong Kong. The Art Space could be said to be a microcosm of Hong Kong. The Art Space was really a mirror of my life in this city, my home for 18 years. While on the site, I jotted down my “stream”, my thoughts and did drawings, and took pictures spontaneously – I made these jottings and images into a folder that should be available somewhere in the Art Space in the future.


The following are a few of the photographs I took and a brief thought on each.


1. Oil Street – I can’t help think of “adding oil”, developing, creating, existing vitally

2. The Map – Full of artworks under lock and key; where concepts are gathered.

3. My shadow – is my constant companion, mysterious other half;

4. Shadows Cast – Objects expand in the darkness, but contract in the day;

5. My black hand ­- is my artistic tool of the night;

6. Midnight Sun  – Hong Kong is a planet of many artificial suns, this is just one of them;

7. Door Handle – doors have opened to me in this city; I’m unware of too many closings;

8. Footfall – endless surfaces trod in 18 years;

9. Obedient Chairs – even in the dark night they obey rigidly; I’m afraid to sit on them.

10. Faceless Dolls – Why have they lost face? Was it an artist? How dare they!


3. 你想觀眾怎樣參與?

I’m a writer/photographer… My contribution is “streams of consciousness” suggested by Oi!’s objects as I walk around the space. I reflect on life in Hong Kong. I also made drawings… and poems. I would like more people participate in art… it shouldn’t be for the elite.