9:08pm - 8:00am



27 Nov 2015 - 28 Mar 2016

1. 請介紹一下你自己?

Bonnie,who is going to be over the ocean 到英國一兩年之前和旅程當中做點創作。


2. 你在油街過了一晚期間做了甚麼?



3. 你想觀眾怎樣參與?

我留下了一些眼仔,如果你在油街發現了它,就把眼仔帶到油街的某個角落,再上載到「四圍放眼」的Facebook吧!:) 同埋收埋咗兩段memo喺隱閉位,留咗email,如果有緣人見到可能會contact我


1. Please introduce yourself.

Bonnie, who is going to be over the ocean. Making some creative work before and during my 1-or-2 year stay in the UK.


2. What did you do during your overnight stay at Oi!?

Putting eyes everywhere. Bringing in many little sprites to live in Oi!.


3. How can visitors participate?

I've left some eyes around. If you discover them in Oi!, you can bring them anywhere inside Oi!, and upload pictures on the facebook page "四圍放眼"! :) I also put two memos with my email address at some hidden, inconspicuous spots. You may contact me if you are lucky enough to find them.