9:08pm - 8:00am



27 Nov 2015 - 28 Mar 2016

1. 請介你紹一下自己?



2. 你在油街過了一晚期間做了甚麼?



3. 你想觀眾怎樣參與?



1. Please introduce yourself.

My momentum comes from curiosity. I want to experiment and see that: When people give me freedom, how much of it can I give to myself?


2. What did you do during your overnight stay at Oi!?

I felt like I were going on camping when I was in secondary school. When there was nobody else at night, I created a space that I found interesting on my own. It also felt like traveling to an unfamiliar place and documenting what I encountered with my body. I privatized Oi!. I created memory through photography, and printed them out on postcards - recording my body's presence. People who are interested in my experience that night can see and share them.


3. How can visitors participate?

Visitors should look for a silver mailbox in Oi!. You can peep through the mailbox's little hole and get a sneak peek of my photography works that night. If they want to get a copy of the postcards I created that night, please drop his/her mail address inside the “mailbox”. I also encourage you to leave me your feedback and questions. I'll reply on your postcard.