8:32pm - 11:05pm



27 Nov 2015 - 28 Mar 2016

1. 請介你紹一下自己?



2. 你在油街過了一晚期間做了甚麼?

(L sub:2015年12月15日(二) 8:45pm我們和史葛在油街做了一個訪問,談及他自小看見靈體的經驗。之後我們請他在油街行了一個圈,請他指出那個位置有鬼,他說:「我在大門一入來(8:35pm)看上去見到二樓辦公室近窗位置有一隻(鬼影)......當我們在說話,其實在你後面三條柱的位置(即大樹下,9:40pm)有四隻鬼一直在看着你,都是男的。)


3. 你想觀眾怎樣參與?

(L sub:史葛沒有提及觀眾可以怎樣參與,但我們大胆提議:既然有靈體在油街內,他們會否有興趣參與這項活動?)


1. Please introduce yourself.

Work in the financial industry. Columnist at Hong Kong Economic Journal and DBC. Blessed with a special gift to see specters, ghosts, fairies, and spirits since I was born. Turned to Buddhism. Grew up in Kwun Tong.


2. What did you do during your overnight stay at Oi!?

(L sub: Dec 15, 2015 (Tue) 8:45pm. We interviewed Scott at Oi! who shared his experience of seeing specters. We walked around Oi! with him, asking him to point out where ghosts existed. He said, “When I entered the gate (8:35pm), I saw one (ghost) by the office window on the 2nd floor... When we were talking, there were actually four staring at you, from the three pillars behind you (i.e. under the tree, 9:40pm). All of them were male.”


3. How can visitors participate?

(L sub: Scott didn't mention how visitors can participate. But we boldly suggest this: Since there are spirits inside Oi!, they may be interested to join this activity too?)